2D Rendering / 2D Shapes

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Support Warning

WebGPU is currently only supported on Chrome starting with version 113, and only on desktop. If they don't work on your configuration, you can check the WebGL2 examples here.
Support for WebGPU in Bevy hasn't been released yet, this example has been compiled using the main branch.

//! Shows how to render simple primitive shapes with a single color.

use bevy::{prelude::*, sprite::MaterialMesh2dBundle};

fn main() {
        .add_systems(Startup, setup)

fn setup(
    mut commands: Commands,
    mut meshes: ResMut<Assets<Mesh>>,
    mut materials: ResMut<Assets<ColorMaterial>>,
) {

    // Circle
    commands.spawn(MaterialMesh2dBundle {
        mesh: meshes.add(shape::Circle::new(50.).into()).into(),
        material: materials.add(ColorMaterial::from(Color::PURPLE)),
        transform: Transform::from_translation(Vec3::new(-150., 0., 0.)),

    // Rectangle
    commands.spawn(SpriteBundle {
        sprite: Sprite {
            color: Color::rgb(0.25, 0.25, 0.75),
            custom_size: Some(Vec2::new(50.0, 100.0)),
        transform: Transform::from_translation(Vec3::new(-50., 0., 0.)),

    // Quad
    commands.spawn(MaterialMesh2dBundle {
        mesh: meshes
            .add(shape::Quad::new(Vec2::new(50., 100.)).into())
        material: materials.add(ColorMaterial::from(Color::LIME_GREEN)),
        transform: Transform::from_translation(Vec3::new(50., 0., 0.)),

    // Hexagon
    commands.spawn(MaterialMesh2dBundle {
        mesh: meshes.add(shape::RegularPolygon::new(50., 6).into()).into(),
        material: materials.add(ColorMaterial::from(Color::TURQUOISE)),
        transform: Transform::from_translation(Vec3::new(150., 0., 0.)),