Transforms / Translation

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Support Warning

WebGPU is currently only supported on Chrome starting with version 113, and only on desktop. If they don't work on your configuration, you can check the WebGL2 examples here.
//! Illustrates how to move an object along an axis.

use bevy::prelude::*;

// Define a struct to keep some information about our entity.
// Here it's an arbitrary movement speed, the spawn location, and a maximum distance from it.
struct Movable {
    spawn: Vec3,
    max_distance: f32,
    speed: f32,

// Implement a utility function for easier Movable struct creation.
impl Movable {
    fn new(spawn: Vec3) -> Self {
        Movable {
            max_distance: 5.0,
            speed: 2.0,

fn main() {
        .add_systems(Startup, setup)
        .add_systems(Update, move_cube)

// Startup system to setup the scene and spawn all relevant entities.
fn setup(
    mut commands: Commands,
    mut meshes: ResMut<Assets<Mesh>>,
    mut materials: ResMut<Assets<StandardMaterial>>,
) {
    // Add a cube to visualize translation.
    let entity_spawn = Vec3::ZERO;
        PbrBundle {
            mesh: meshes.add(Cuboid::default()),
            material: materials.add(Color::WHITE),
            transform: Transform::from_translation(entity_spawn),

    // Spawn a camera looking at the entities to show what's happening in this example.
    commands.spawn(Camera3dBundle {
        transform: Transform::from_xyz(0.0, 10.0, 20.0).looking_at(entity_spawn, Vec3::Y),

    // Add a light source for better 3d visibility.
    commands.spawn(DirectionalLightBundle {
        transform: Transform::from_xyz(3.0, 3.0, 3.0).looking_at(Vec3::ZERO, Vec3::Y),

// This system will move all Movable entities with a Transform
fn move_cube(mut cubes: Query<(&mut Transform, &mut Movable)>, timer: Res<Time>) {
    for (mut transform, mut cube) in &mut cubes {
        // Check if the entity moved too far from its spawn, if so invert the moving direction.
        if (cube.spawn - transform.translation).length() > cube.max_distance {
            cube.speed *= -1.0;
        let direction = transform.local_x();
        transform.translation += direction * cube.speed * timer.delta_seconds();