UI (User Interface) / UI Texture Atlas

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Support Warning

WebGPU is currently only supported on Chrome starting with version 113, and only on desktop. If they don't work on your configuration, you can check the WebGL2 examples here.

//! This example illustrates how to use `TextureAtlases` within ui

use bevy::{color::palettes::css::*, prelude::*, winit::WinitSettings};

fn main() {
            // This sets image filtering to nearest
            // This is done to prevent textures with low resolution (e.g. pixel art) from being blurred
            // by linear filtering.
        // Only run the app when there is user input. This will significantly reduce CPU/GPU use.
        .add_systems(Startup, setup)
        .add_systems(Update, increment_atlas_index)

fn setup(
    mut commands: Commands,
    asset_server: Res<AssetServer>,
    mut texture_atlases: ResMut<Assets<TextureAtlasLayout>>,
) {
    // Camera

    let text_style = TextStyle::default();

    let texture_handle = asset_server.load("textures/rpg/chars/gabe/gabe-idle-run.png");
    let texture_atlas = TextureAtlasLayout::from_grid(UVec2::splat(24), 7, 1, None, None);
    let texture_atlas_handle = texture_atlases.add(texture_atlas);

    // root node
        .spawn(NodeBundle {
            style: Style {
                width: Val::Percent(100.0),
                height: Val::Percent(100.0),
                flex_direction: FlexDirection::Column,
                justify_content: JustifyContent::Center,
                align_items: AlignItems::Center,
                row_gap: Val::Px(text_style.font_size * 2.),
        .with_children(|parent| {
                ImageBundle {
                    style: Style {
                        width: Val::Px(256.),
                        height: Val::Px(256.),
                    image: UiImage::new(texture_handle),
                    background_color: BackgroundColor(ANTIQUE_WHITE.into()),
                Outline::new(Val::Px(8.0), Val::ZERO, CRIMSON.into()),
                TextSection::new("press ".to_string(), text_style.clone()),
                    TextStyle {
                        color: YELLOW.into(),
                TextSection::new(" to advance frames".to_string(), text_style),

fn increment_atlas_index(
    mut atlas_images: Query<&mut TextureAtlas>,
    keyboard: Res<ButtonInput<KeyCode>>,
) {
    if keyboard.just_pressed(KeyCode::Space) {
        for mut atlas_image in &mut atlas_images {
            atlas_image.index = (atlas_image.index + 1) % 6;