Window / Window Resizing

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Support Warning

WebGPU is currently only supported on Chrome starting with version 113, and only on desktop. If they don't work on your configuration, you can check the WebGL2 examples here.
//! This example illustrates how to resize windows, and how to respond to a window being resized.
use bevy::{prelude::*, window::WindowResized};

fn main() {
        .insert_resource(ResolutionSettings {
            large: Vec2::new(1920.0, 1080.0),
            medium: Vec2::new(800.0, 600.0),
            small: Vec2::new(640.0, 360.0),
        .add_systems(Startup, (setup_camera, setup_ui))
        .add_systems(Update, (on_resize_system, toggle_resolution))

/// Marker component for the text that displays the current resolution.
struct ResolutionText;

/// Stores the various window-resolutions we can select between.
struct ResolutionSettings {
    large: Vec2,
    medium: Vec2,
    small: Vec2,

// Spawns the camera that draws UI
fn setup_camera(mut cmd: Commands) {

// Spawns the UI
fn setup_ui(mut cmd: Commands) {
    // Node that fills entire background
    cmd.spawn(NodeBundle {
        style: Style {
            width: Val::Percent(100.),
    .with_children(|root| {
        // Text where we display current resolution
                TextStyle {
                    font_size: 50.0,

/// This system shows how to request the window to a new resolution
fn toggle_resolution(
    keys: Res<ButtonInput<KeyCode>>,
    mut windows: Query<&mut Window>,
    resolution: Res<ResolutionSettings>,
) {
    let mut window = windows.single_mut();

    if keys.just_pressed(KeyCode::Digit1) {
        let res = resolution.small;
        window.resolution.set(res.x, res.y);
    if keys.just_pressed(KeyCode::Digit2) {
        let res = resolution.medium;
        window.resolution.set(res.x, res.y);
    if keys.just_pressed(KeyCode::Digit3) {
        let res = resolution.large;
        window.resolution.set(res.x, res.y);

/// This system shows how to respond to a window being resized.
/// Whenever the window is resized, the text will update with the new resolution.
fn on_resize_system(
    mut q: Query<&mut Text, With<ResolutionText>>,
    mut resize_reader: EventReader<WindowResized>,
) {
    let mut text = q.single_mut();
    for e in {
        // When resolution is being changed
        text.sections[0].value = format!("{:.1} x {:.1}", e.width, e.height);