Our mission is to promote, protect, and advance the free and open source Bevy Engine and related open source projects. We coordinate and promote its continued maintenance and development, educate and train members of the general public in its usage, and conduct research and development to advance the state of the art of creating real-time applications and simulations.

In short: we exist to develop Bevy and teach people how to use it!


Bevy will always be free and open-source, but it isn't free to make! Because Bevy is free, we rely on the generosity of the Bevy community to fund our efforts. If you are a happy user of Bevy or you believe in our mission, please consider donating!

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Bevy Foundation currently uses donations in the following ways:
  • Hiring Maintainers: Maintainers are technical experts that facilitate the development of Bevy by reviewing, adjusting, and merging changes from the Bevy community, reviewing and developing designs, and choosing project direction. They are technical experts that contribute their own changes to Bevy, as well as social experts that ensure the Bevy community is a pleasant and effective place to work. Maintainers serve as public representatives of the project. Our bar for maintainership is high. See our Bevy Organization document for details.
  • Infrastructure: The foundation will pay present and future hosting costs, such as hosting the Bevy website and continuous integration (CI) to validate our code. Currently these costs are low, but we expect them to increase over time.
  • Operational Costs: Keeping a nonprofit organization compliant and operational takes time and money. These costs are currently very low, but we expect them to increase over time as we grow. Our goal is to minimize these costs as much as possible as our goal is to maximize the amount we spend on actually building Bevy and accomplishing our mission.

Application for 501(c)(3)

We have applied for a federal 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity designation.

If our 501(c)(3) application is accepted, this status will exempt us from federal income tax and allow donors in the United States to deduct their donations on their federal taxes.

Note that the 501(c)(3) application has not yet been approved, and there has been an increasing number of denials for technology-oriented charities. The experts we have talked to have told us not to get our hopes up.

If tax-deductibility is important to you, please do not donate until we receive a determination. But also note that if our application is accepted, donations made prior to our acceptance will retroactively be tax-deductible! Neat!


Bevy Foundation is currently led by the following Board of Directors:

Carter Anderson
President/Interim Treasurer
Alice Cecile
Fran├žois Mockers
Robert Swain
James Liu
The Board of Directors governs how Bevy Foundation operates, which includes how funds are allocated and how Bevy communities are run. As a current matter of de-facto policy adopted via consensus by the current Board of Directors, Bevy Maintainers are to be offered Director status (functionally this happens via a vote by the current board).


Bevy Foundation is a Washington state non-profit (with a pending 501(c)(3) application). We strive to make our operations transparent:

  • Bylaws: The operational rules we have adopted
  • Meeting Minutes: Learn about the decisions the board makes and why we make them
  • Documents: Public Bevy Foundation documents, such as our Articles of Incorporation
  • Budget: How we plan to spend money this year.