The Bevy community! If you want to see yourself here, submit a pull request!

The Bevy Organization#

The Bevy Organization is the group of people responsible for stewarding the Bevy project. It handles things like choosing project direction, merging pull requests, managing bugs / issues / feature requests, running the Bevy website, controlling access to secrets, defining and enforcing best practices, etc.

Anyone with a history of contributing to Bevy can join the Bevy Organization. Reach out to the Project Lead if you would like to join!


Project Leads
have the final call on all design and code changes within Bevy. They are responsible for representing the project publicly and they choose how the project is organized.
have merge rights in Bevy repos. They assess the scope of pull requests and whether they fit into the Bevy project's vision. They also serve as representatives of the Bevy project.
(Subject Matter Experts) have proven themselves to be experts in a given development area. They help guide Bevy's direction in their area and they are great people to reach out to if you have questions about a given area.
Other members, without a special role, are part of the GitHub organization. They have the power to manage GitHub issues and pull requests.


Carter Anderson
Project Lead
Full-time lead developer, project manager, and original creator of Bevy. Focused on building out core engine systems, guiding project direction, and managing the community.
Alice Cecile
Technical project manager, mad scientist, and documentation lead. Loves tinkering with ECS features.
François Mockers
Helping everything run smoothly, and having fun with Bevy!
James Liu
Performance by default. A slow engine is an unused engine. Focused on animation, networking, and general engine performance and UX.
Rob Swain
Wielder of light. Turning data into shiny. I love to discuss ideas and help people figure out how to do stuff, or to find other people who can help - please ask me questions! ❤️
I keep getting tricked into working on the ECS, but I'm also invested in improving the plugin system, input handling, and general UX.
Gino Valente
React Native developer during the day, Bevy contributor at night. Focused mainly on Bevy's reflection system.
Jakob Hellermann
Currently switching between editor tooling, graphics and scripting. Otherwise interested in music, nature, and figuring stuff out.
I � pretty lighting. Meant to do UI stuff. Somehow ended up working on 3D rendering. Will get back to that, eventually(?).
Mike Hsu
Lapsed physics major finding refuge in the programming world for going on 20 years. Mostly been focused on messing with the scheduler and task pool for my work on bevy.
Bevy contributor with a focus on rendering, I use bevy almost every day for work and for fun.
Formerly active member of the community, and still the uncontested owner of the highest message count on the bevy discord. I will one day return to the forefront of mad science! 🧪
Kurt Kühnert
German master's student specializing in computer graphics. Author of bevy_terrain. Focused on improving the ergonomics and documentation of Bevy's renderer.
Ida "Iyes"
Likes to teach and explain things. Talks a lot (sometimes with her cat). Makes games, sometimes music and other creative things. Community is Love. Ice is Win. 👀
Nathan Stocks
Indie Game Dev, Rust Instructor, Rusty Engine creator. Senior Software Engineer at GitHub. Family, Food, Rust, Python, Open Source, Maple Trees.
Niklas Eicker
Aevyrie Roessler
Formerly a Mechanical Engineer, now building CAD software in Bevy. I maintain a number of 3rd-party Bevy crates. Feel free to reach out and say hello!
VitalyR, Vitaly Ankh
Programmer and mathematics learner. Interested in programming language theory, algebraic topology, computer graphics and computer architeture.
Rob Parrett
Mobile game dev in a former life, playing with Rust in his spare time.
Joseph Giordano
Undergrad computer science student, open source enthusiast, and hobbyist game developer. Author of the crate 'bevy-trait-query'.
Thierry Berger
Helping one project after the other, fixing papercuts along the way. Tell me about yours!

Community Members#

People in the Bevy community who are not part of the organization.

Anyone can add themselves here! Submit a pull request!

Kat Marchán
Maintainer for Big Brain, a Utility AI library for Bevy, as well as KDL, an alternative document format.
Pascal Hertleif
Rust developer interested in type systems, neat APIs, and thus obvious follower of the bevy project
Schell Carl Scivally
Author of apecs, mogwai and various game and gui libraries. Bevy contributor.
William Pederzoli
Software engineer with a passion for games (and game engines)
German developer kiddo. Sometimes streaming game development with rust and bevy
Paul Hansen
Slayer of Windows bugs. Currently working on an unannounced 2d space RPG using Bevy in my free time. Happy to help where I can.
Developer of bevy-hikari and bounce-up. Interested in rendering, animation and robotics.
Phaestus Fox or Phox for short
I am a small youtuber, attempted game dev and avid doc reader. I'm happy to help wherever and whenever I can.
Vladyslav Potapenko
Jos Feenstra
Developer of 3D things. Author of `hedron`: procedural modelling for bevy. Feel free to reach out!