Tiers that support names and links allow you to specify them directly in the Stripe form. If you did not do this, contact us at bevyengine@gmail.com with that information and we'll get you added!

Tiers that support logos require reaching out to bevyengine@gmail.com. Send us your logo and your link and we'll add you!

How do I cancel my donation subscription?

If you paid through Stripe (currently the only way to set up a donation subscription), just visit this link and enter the email you used to set up the subscription.

We reserve the right to refuse to list any name / link / logo for any reason. If it is obnoxious, offensive, rude, or a violation of our Code of Conduct, expect us to refuse to list it.

Please only use names, logos, and links that you have the right and permission to use.

I sponsored but the metrics / names / logos on the donate page haven't updated!

Please wait a little. It might take up to an hour for the automatic update to add you to the credits.

How are the metrics on the donation page calculated?

The monthly dollar amount is the "raw pledged amount for active monthly donations". This means two things:

  1. This number is "pre Stripe fees". This includes credit card fees and Stripes "processing fees", which vary per payment type.
  2. This is the amount we expect to get each month. In practice the payouts will be less, once chargebacks and cancellations are processed.

Why doesn't the Individual Sponsors section / the "old way to sponsor" contribute to the metrics on the donate page?

Primarily this is because we don't want to conflate Bevy Foundation funds with other funds. The Bevy Foundation does not have direct access to these funds, and for "reporting / transparency" reasons, conflating the two contexts would be confusing for the public (and likely government agencies as well). We plan on deprecating the Individual Sponsors section in the future. It exists today as a courtesy to ensure we aren't quickly changing the rules on our current sponsors.