Getting Started

This section will help you get started on your Bevy journey as quickly as possible. It will walk you through setting up your development environment and writing a simple Bevy app.

Quick Start #

If you want to dive in immediately and you already have a working Rust setup, feel free to follow this "quick start" guide. Otherwise, move on to the next page.

Note: depending on your platform, you may have to install additional dependencies. You can also speed up compile times by following the "fast compiles" section.

Try the Examples #

  1. Clone the Bevy repo:

    git clone
  2. Navigate to the new "bevy" folder

    cd bevy
  3. Switch to the correct Bevy version (as the default is the git main development branch)

    # use the latest Bevy release
    git checkout latest
    # or a specific version
    git checkout v0.13.0
  4. Try the examples in the examples folder

    cargo run --example breakout

Add Bevy as a Dependency #

Bevy is available as a library on

The easiest way to add it to your project is to use cargo add:

cargo add bevy

Alternatively, you can manually add it to your project's Cargo.toml like this:

bevy = "0.13" # make sure this is the latest version

Make sure to use the latest bevy crate version (