Bevy is a community-driven project and many of us rely on financial support to continue building Bevy. Bevy is built by a large group of people, so consider backing the ones that are building what you care about! If you are uncertain, a Project Lead, Maintainer, or SME is a good choice. You can learn more about these roles here.

All Bevy leaders sign our Sponsorship Pledge to ensure the needs of the Bevy Community always come first.

Carter Anderson
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Project Lead
Full-time lead developer, project manager, and original creator of Bevy. Focused on building out core engine systems, guiding project direction, and managing the community.
Alice Cecile
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Technical project manager, mad scientist, and documentation lead. Loves tinkering with ECS features.
François Mockers
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Helping everything run smoothly, and having fun with Bevy!
James Liu
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Performance by default. A slow engine is an unused engine. Focused on animation, networking, and general engine performance and UX.
Gino Valente
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React Native developer during the day, Bevy contributor at night. Focused mainly on Bevy's reflection system.
Kurt Kühnert
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German master's student specializing in computer graphics. Author of bevy_terrain. Focused on improving the ergonomics and documentation of Bevy's renderer.
Ida "Iyes"
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Likes to teach and explain things. Talks a lot (sometimes with her cat). Makes games, sometimes music and other creative things. Community is Love. Ice is Win. 👀
Nicola Papale
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Making games at devildahu. Author of bevy-ui-navigation, cuicui and many other bevy-related crates. Incidentally contributes to bevy. Touches reflection, rendering, ui and ecs.
Nathan Stocks
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Indie Game Dev, Rust Instructor, Rusty Engine creator. Senior Software Engineer at GitHub. Family, Food, Rust, Python, Open Source, Maple Trees.
Thierry Berger
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Helping one project after the other, fixing papercuts along the way. Tell me about yours!
Nile's profile picture
Formerly active member of the community, and still the uncontested owner of the highest message count on the bevy discord. I will one day return to the forefront of mad science! 🧪